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Upgrade your booked vacation rental to the best ever! Exclusively for guests that stay in one of our deluxe vacation rental properties, you can rent a fully equipped and upgraded Hummer H3 for part of, or for the whole of your stay! This Hummer will surely take you anywhere you would like to go in Aruba, and with unprecedented style.

The Best Rental SUV You Will Ever Drive In!

Enjoy this luxury sports’ vehicle during your stay in Aruba. Enhanced with stainless steel finishing, heavy-duty suspensions, eye-catching wide and tall tires, all leather interiors as well as a perfect sound system, this Hummer H3 is definitely unique of its kind on the island of Aruba. And as a special guest of Comfort Rentals Aruba, you get to drive is this unique vehicle at prices never offered before in Aruba, or elsewhere.

Attractive rental rates are subject to your vacation rental booking with Comfort!

Commercial rates for such a vehicle are generally more than $175 per day, including insurances and taxes. For our guests, rates start at only $125 per day or only $570 per week including insurances and taxes, thus comparable with the rate of a regular jeep on the Aruban market.  Deductible /deposit of $1,000.00 and a minimum of 3 days is applicable.

Above rates are applicable for guests of Comfort Rentals Aruba only. This vehicle is private and is thus not available for commercial rental by other guests on the island. Rates include All-Risk insurance and taxes.
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 Rent a Hummer Aruba - Prestige Vacations Aruba