Our team is happy to provide you with all of the information and the best guidance for you to confidently make your decision to rent a great vacation rental on our ‘One Happy Island’. Choose from our Aruba vacation rentals located at the Palm Aruba Condos Resort, Gold Coast Aruba residential complex, Tierra del Sol Golf Resort Spa and Country Club or a Private Villa.

On behalf of all the condo, townhouse and villa owners that we represent at the various resorts complexes, we welcome you to stay in our deluxe accommodations and have the most wonderful vacation experience in Aruba ever!

Palm Aruba Condos Resort

The exclusive vacation rental condos at the Palm Aruba Condos Resort,  are located right in the popular Palm Beach Area of Aruba. Although you are very close to the island’s nightlife scene, you can retreat to peace and quiet in this upscale condo resort enjoying your well-deserved vacation. A variety of one-, two- and three-bedroom vacation rentals are available to choose from! Several great restaurants, a spa, and a yoga studio are all within walking distance from this condo resort. Note: Each individual condo at this resort is named after one of the globally more than 2600 known species of palm trees. “In the past palms were symbols of victory, peace, and fertility. Today palms are a popular symbol for the tropics and for vacations.” –

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Gold Coast Aruba

The deluxe condos, townhouses, and villas at the upscale residential community of the island, Gold Coast Aruba, offers you the perfect Aruba condo rentals for your family vacation. Several exquisite beaches, like the Malmok Beach, Boca Catalina Beach and the Arashi Beach are just a few minutes away. The world-famous Palm Beach is less than 10 minutes drive away. The on-site restaurant, White Modern Cuisine, and the 3 community swimming pools will surely make your Aruba vacation experience complete!

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Your private outdoor area with swimming pool, BBQ grill, large palapa and outdoor furniturePrivate Villas

Our private villas are all vacation rental properties located throughout the touristic areas of this ‘One Happy Island’. Aruba’s popular beaches are just a few minutes drive away! Book the perfect villa and enjoy every moment with your family and friends!

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Retreat To Solace In the Form of Vacations

Vacations work as relaxation from the day to day works of most of the people. You can enjoy your vacations only at the places which are profoundly relaxing and are equipped with every virtue of providing best visiting experiences to the people. At the Family Friendly Resorts in Aruba, we offer the best facilities which can help in complete relaxation of your mind throughout the period you will stay here. At this place, you can find the peace which gets lost in the hectic life schedules and work pressures.

One can find their Family Friendly Resorts in Aruba here which not only will provide comfort during vacations but also assists if in any case, one has to do some professional works during the vacation period. There are various services they offer which makes us unique when it comes to vacation villas.

Some of the amazing features which our Family Friendly Resorts in Aruba has:

  • Facilities:

At our Best Family Resorts in Aruba, you can expect best and some free services like parking, pools, etc. Also, we provide a separate workout room which doesn’t let you forego your working out habits even for a day. The rooms are also well furnished and spacious with every required built-in facility. For children, there are large playgrounds, tennis courts, etc. which let them enjoy the vacation throughout.

  • Location:

Location of a vacation spot is as important as the services offered by them. At our Best Family Resorts in Aruba the location is so which provide all the accommodations for a perfect vacation. Our place is near to every important site like any restaurants, or airports, from where you can easily drive to our villas.

  • A number of beaches:

There are many beaches available around our villas, which gives you a wide range of choices while settling for the desired one where you will enjoy the most.

At Comfort Rentals Aruba, we provide the best Aruba vacation condo & Aruba vacation rentals. We always try to provide the best services and experiences to people who want to enjoy their vacation. Hence, if one needs the best vacation facilities at reasonable rates, our services at Aruba palm beaches should certainly be considered.


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Note: Please be aware that all our vacation rentals properties are privately owned and all units are very different. The interior design and the rates of each unit are at the owner’s discretion.